1. Organized World International Conferences

2. Organized District level programs

3. Assisting Research in Nepal through different Techniques

4. Publishing Research works and providing credibility for their work and International Expose through Indexing

5. Feasibility Study on Road Network in Bhaktapur

6. Organized Traning Program for Earthquake Victims for Assisting in Reconstruction

7. Assesment of buildings of Kathmandu During Earthquake

8. Private Buildings considering Green Building Approach

9. Feasibility study of Different Irrigation Projects of Nepal

10. Feasibility study of Micro-Hydro projects in Nepal

11. Build Camp, In association with Story Cycle and Funded by US Embassy, Nepal

12.Research Review from across many countries as india, China, USA, poland etc through International Journal handled by the counsultancy


Some Glimpse of captured Moments


Field Works

Conferences, Workshops and Trainings



Field Designs